Friction and its classification

2012-03-14 15:49:34

In the two-phase bodies in contact under positive pressure between the contact surfaces to induce resistance to cut friction to the sliding resistance of the phenomenon known as Movement in the form of friction can be divided into sliding friction and rolling friction.

Sliding friction: the relative sliding friction between two contact bodies is known as sliding friction, such as the friction between the sliding bearing and journal bearing screw and nut.

Rolling friction: the relative rolling point or line contact between two objects, called its contact at the friction generated by rolling friction, such as rolling bearings, rolling element and inner and outer ring, rolling screw and nut, gear teeth mesh node when the friction.

Friction state points, sliding friction is divided into: dry friction, fluid friction, boundary friction and mixed friction.

(1) dry friction

Without a lubricant between the friction surface of friction for the dry friction

(2) the boundary friction

A small amount of lubricant between the friction pair to form a thin film of lubricant on the friction surface, low-intensity, easily broken, and the resulting friction surface in direct contact, the friction boundary friction.

(3) fluid friction

The friction surface is the layer of pressure fluid is completely separated from the friction called fluid friction.

(4) mixed friction

Mixed state in the boundary friction and fluid friction is called the mixed friction.

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