Tribology, We Know?

2012-03-14 15:50:46

In the field of fine mechanics, as early as in 1966, has increased, a new discipline ─ ─ Tribology (Tribology), to the now 44-year history. Tribology is defined as the interaction surface of the relative motion on the theory and practice of a science and technology ". It emphasizes the relative movement of the surface "and" interaction ". Is to study the object surface "friction," wear ", the general term of" lubrication "These three interrelated science and technology. Therefore, the study of tribology including friction, wear and lubrication.

Daily in friction, wear and lubrication of the material life of human beings have far-reaching impact that the human material civilization is established in the effective control of friction, wear and lubrication is not an exaggeration. The unprecedented ancestors learn to use the "friction" to fire by rubbing sticks, so the first human domination of one kind of natural forces. Then yes, the principle of "wear" to make the ax - to create the tools. It can be said that humans and harmful friction struggle "and" take advantage of favorable friction history human history of the development from beginning to end.

In order to minimize the negative friction and reduce the adverse wear, people learn instead of sliding friction with rolling friction, lubrication instead of dry friction, antifriction materials to substitute for general material. To take advantage of the beneficial friction, the people followed the invention of the friction drive (such as belt drive friction wheel drive), friction welding, friction cutting. A variety of vehicle brake and clutch is the most obvious example of the use of beneficial friction.

In their daily lives, it is also time can not be separated from the friction. With the friction that people can walk freely, safely ensconced in a chair. Using friction, matches, lighters to ignite. Clever use of friction to control the sport of table tennis, volleyball, bowling, rotation direction and speed in order to achieve victory in the contest, and so on.

And wear in addition to be used for grinding, are almost always harmful, and want to minimize. The vast majority of mechanical parts, including brake pads and clutch plates are almost all abandoned in the wear and tear. The friction will cause energy consumption, such as textile machinery, 85% of the energy consumed by friction. According to statistics, about 1/2-1/3 of the world's energy consumption in various forms of friction. Therefore, to reduce friction to save energy, reduce the wear and tear is to conserve resources. Some cases to address the special conditions of friction, wear, lubrication problem may be the key to the success or failure of a certain technology. Low temperature, such as high speed bearing in cars, trains, airplanes, cranes, the brake high temperature, gyroscopes, satellites, instruments, vacuum friction and lubrication, recovery of the spacecraft and the atmosphere high temperature friction, and so on.

The basic disciplines of tribology are technical, with the practical and complex phenomenon, influencing factors, and covers a wide range of knowledge, to be studied is rich in content and other characteristics. On tribology, friction and wear of friction materials (also known as the friction material) is generally combined with the typical form of the friction pair for specialized research. At present, the tribology of the main task is to carry out friction, wear, lubrication theory research. The friction between the surface physical, chemical, mechanical, mechanism of action, method of calculation of the friction and wear, special conditions of friction, wear, lubrication theory explained and summarized. The second is to carry out a study of research methods and testing techniques. Surface by the macro to the micro-surface, from qualitative analysis to quantitative calculation of the single factor to the comprehensive study, from static to dynamic study. Then carry out the tribological education and training. And then to carry out new material and technology research to solve practical engineering problems. From these is not difficult to see a lot of knowledge involved in tribology is an important foundation of the friction material testing technology.

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