- Yihua devlelop new product---High-Frequency Reciprocating Testing Machine,using to test the lubricity of diesel fuel. (National Invention Patent-No.ZL 2009 1 0020644.6)


- Yihua develop new product---Cryogenic pin-on-disc wear testing machine(National Utility Model Patent—No:ZL 2010 2 9012022.4)


- Develop new product---Dynamic Loading Wear Testing Machine(Model No.:DMM-1)

- Sep.2008,Yihua set up the tribological technology testing laboratory.That is a first tribology testing lab in China.


- Yihua developed High frequency reciprocating fatigue wear testing machine' appling in reseaching of the aerospace realm.

Coperated with Tsinghua University, we successfully developed software of Wear Spot Measuring system.


- Our company was awarded the jinan high-tech enterprise.

- Yihua developed new product-'Engine Tribology Testing Machine' for Wuhan University of Technology. That could provide data for designing and evaluation of ship engine.


- Yihua established its partnership with Zhejiang University to jointly develop new prduct--'Configuration controlling universal friction and wear tester'. This product was awarded hi-tech product in 2005.


- Jinan Yihua Tribology Testing Technology Co.,Ltd. (Yihua) was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Jinan, CN. Our company is the first specialized manufacturer in Tribological Testing Technology Research and friction wear testing machine.

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